Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Learning Personal Limits with Larry And His Flask

Sun May 27th – 11:31am

Most bands at PRB stay at the hotels near the venue, but not Larry.  Larry And His Flask were staying at an Air B&B about an 18-minute drive from the venue.  Paco and I pulled up to the place to find Jamin working on getting a trailer hitched to their tour bus.  We were invited in and offered bottled water.  The desert heat is sneaky, if youre not careful, you can become dehydrated quickly.  We sat down at a dining table and prepared for a hearty helping of Larry.

Whos Larry?

Jamin Marshall (Drums): Ah! Good question!  Larry is a theory.  There never was a Larry in the band, but technically I guess it would be me.  If there were to be someone named Larry.

Ian Cook (Guitar, Sings Songs): I agree.

Monday, February 12, 2018