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Dog Day Evening: The Dog Party Interview

I met with Dog Party outside of some skate shop where they were about to perform.  The shop was small and I was in disbelief they could hold a show here, they later proved they could.  I felt bad for not getting them pizza, so I offered my hand to help set up.  That’s right, friends, I was a roadie for a day.  When I met Dog Party, I thought they looked like two well-dressed scallywags.  With no benches, tables, or chairs, we conducted the interview in the alley next to a dumpster.  I’m sure this is the last place they had imagined to be interviewed!  Dog Party got their name from watching their pug dance wildly around the room while they play music for him.  So innocent; so pure. 

I Wasted An Evening With Adam Sandler

About a week ago, I made the POOR decision to get wasted and "Live" Tweet my thoughts while watching an Adam Sandler film.  I will probably never do this again, so... I don't know, enjoy it.

Rock Out and Repent with Your New Friends: Tartar Control

The name Tartar Control conjures up images of dental care and dental care accessories, but that’s no longer the only thing I think of when I hear it.  I think of Mormons, because I met a three-piece band made of two Mormons, Robert and Sean, and their gangster robot named Robot.  It’s not every day I go to Anaheim.  It’s an hour drive even when the roads are clear, but on June 15th, Paco and I decided a 2 ½ hour drive would be worth it to meet one of the most unique acts in the punk scene.  Calling themselves ‘Hug Rock’, Tartar Control is out to clean up the punk scene in the most religious way.  You might think this Mormon group would be squeaky clean, but you’d be wrong.  With songs like Smoking Crack and My God’s Cock, they’re showing the world that they are not afraid to get a little dirty. 

Anarcho-Crust Punk Christian Rock Reggae Ska Band From South of the Border Calls Themselves Drinking Water

I first learned about Drinking Water at Ska Wars 2016. When they performed, I was struck by Henry’s voice and lyricism.  My curiosity was tickled by [the drummer]’s mask, and I loved the music all together.  I wanted to know more about this band from Las Vegas.  Paco and I made our way over to El Monte, where we were scheduled to meet Drinking Water.  After some vegan pizza and small talk, we made our way to the backyard where we would conduct the interview / photoshoot.  With the band, an unofficial mascot, Rosie, was present.  An adorable Pit Bull, she was a class act! Anyway, the interview is starting!  Shhhh….

Beer and Skanking in Las Vegas: Punk Rock Bowling 2017

Hello friends! The Warlock Team recently attended the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in filthy and filthy-FABULOUS LAS VEGAS! It was quite the adventure and I want to share my experience with you! Not being one to beat around the bush, I’ll just get right into it!

The Oi!s From The Valley: The Hardknocks

The Hardknocks are not at all what I expected from an American Oi! Punk band. I was ready for some mean dudes, but I got happy, friendly dudes. It was in a quiet neighborhood, in the depths of Sylmar, CA.  Just another house on the block, looking at it, you'd never guess deep inside lies the Lion's Den.  Anthony let us in through the gate, I find the title "Lion's Den" to be appropriate, as a fierce, adorable, cat has made his home atop the porch. He was obviously in charge, he supervised the entire interview, he demanded some pizza from The Hardknocks! But I digress, after introductions, we wasted no time and got straight to the nitty-gritty:

Banned from the Motherland: Svetlanas

The Svetlanas have been called "The Most Dangerous Band in the World" but when I met with the singer, Olga, and the bassist, Steve, I got the impression that they were sweethearts.  I first heard their music a week before, when I interviewed the Barb Wire Dolls.  The Svetlanas were setting up and a giant Putin face with Kiss makeup was demanding my attention.  I was blown away and knew I had to get some time with them.... So then this happened:

From Doggies to Porta Potties: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

We were set to meet Spare Parts in a fairly sketch business district near Long Beach. G-Maps was telling us we had arrived, but all we could see was a warehouse full of bikers. Confusion set in, but after texting the lead singer, Sarah, we found the place. After meeting them, we were brought into their practice space. Not the largest space, but I’ve seen a lot smaller. Humble digs for a humble band. 

Hail to the Queen! The Barb Wire Dolls Interview

It was a semi-cool evening on the Sunset Strip.  We were outside the Whisky A Go-Go waiting to meet Pyn, lead guitarist for Barb Wire Dolls. The sign on the door says they’ll be playing at 9:30 sharp but we will find out later that it will be more like 10:00. We find him when he steps outside for a cigarette. He takes us inside and up the stairs and backstage where we meet the rest of the band. There’s a couch, some recliners and a mini fridge with waters by the door. On the opposite side, a television and VCR with plenty of VHS tapes next to it (I was tempted to grab Clueless for myself, hehehee). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, this is where we will spend the next fifteen minutes getting to know Isis Queen, Pyn, Remington, Krash, and Iriel Blaque, aka Barb Wire Dolls.

Give Me A (Hybrid) Moment: Justin Amen and the Hybrids

We met up with Justin Amen and the Hybrids at the Los Angeles College of Music building in Pasadena. They were kind enough to give us a private show. Much talent. Very wow.
Justin Amen and the Hybrids are Justin, lead vocals and lead guitar. Jorge, rhythm guitar. David Contreras, drums, and David Perez, Bass.

Close Encounters of the Oi! Kind: The Oi! Scouts / Gabe Zander Interview

I made a mistake.
Unfortunately, I did not make the check if the tape was rolling and consequently some of the interview was never recorded. It was unprofessional and unbecoming and I, Chauncey, take full responsibility for this. I would like to apologize to The Oi! Scouts and to you, the reader. It’s a shame that it wasn’t recorded. It was revealed that the drummer, Adam, is a big fan of Liberace; The guitarist, Matt told us there’s a real life underground Girl Fight Club; and the bassist, Gabe, has a deep-seeded hatred of Kid Rock. We didn’t get a chance to meet Chris, the singer of the band, as he was visiting old friends.
To set the scene, we met with The Oi! Scouts outside of the Los Globos venue on Sunset as they were scheduled to play that evening.

The Sarchasm Interview “30 Minutes of Awkward”

The date and place was set!1/14/2017, Silver Lake Meadow. But Sarchasm is nowhere to be found. There I was, pizza in hands, standing in the middle of the park looking lost (At this point it’s probably worth mentioning that I promised pizza as a form of payment [bribe] for the band). After wondering the park for a few minutes, and text messages, it was discovered that the band was on the other side of the lake. So We (Paco and Me) drive around to the other side of the lake.
Sarchasm was sitting at a picnic table under a tree.  Perfect spot for pizza / interview.  I open the pizza box only to discover there was a mistake made; one that I should have corrected at the pizza place:  It was all pepperoni, and Sarchasm are vegetarians. Learning and growing!! Remember, kids, always check your pizza order before leaving the shop! Or more simply put, (to quote Yogurt from the film Spaceballs) “Open it before you eat it!”

Talking With Ghosts: The Ghostemane Interview

Ghostemane has been making music since he was 14 years old. Coming straight out the swamp, This Alternative Rap artist now resides and does his craft in Whittier, CA.