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Give Me A (Hybrid) Moment: Justin Amen and the Hybrids

We met up with Justin Amen and the Hybrids at the Los Angeles College of Music building in Pasadena. They were kind enough to give us a private show. Much talent. Very wow. Justin Amen and the Hybrids are Justin, lead vocals and lead guitar. Jorge, rhythm guitar. David Contreras, drums, and David Perez, Bass.

Close Encounters of the Oi! Kind: The Oi! Scouts / Gabe Zander Interview

I made a mistake. Unfortunately, I did not make the check if the tape was rolling and consequently some of the interview was never recorded. It was unprofessional and unbecoming and I, Chauncey, take full responsibility for this. I would like to apologize to The Oi! Scouts and to you, the reader. It’s a shame that it wasn’t recorded. It was revealed that the drummer, Adam, is a big fan of Liberace; The guitarist, Matt told us there’s a real life underground Girl Fight Club; and the bassist, Gabe, has a deep-seeded hatred of Kid Rock. We didn’t get a chance to meet Chris, the singer of the band, as he was visiting old friends. To set the scene, we met with The Oi! Scouts outside of the Los Globos venue on Sunset as they were scheduled to play that evening.