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Hail to the Queen! The Barb Wire Dolls Interview

It was a semi-cool evening on the Sunset Strip.  We were outside the Whisky A Go-Go waiting to meet Pyn, lead guitarist for Barb Wire Dolls. The sign on the door says they’ll be playing at 9:30 sharp but we will find out later that it will be more like 10:00. We find him when he steps outside for a cigarette. He takes us inside and up the stairs and backstage where we meet the rest of the band. There’s a couch, some recliners and a mini fridge with waters by the door. On the opposite side, a television and VCR with plenty of VHS tapes next to it (I was tempted to grab Clueless for myself, hehehee). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, this is where we will spend the next fifteen minutes getting to know Isis Queen, Pyn, Remington, Krash, and Iriel Blaque, aka Barb Wire Dolls.