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Banned from the Motherland: Svetlanas

The Svetlanas have been called "The Most Dangerous Band in the World" but when I met with the singer, Olga, and the bassist, Steve, I got the impression that they were sweethearts.  I first heard their music a week before, when I interviewed the Barb Wire Dolls.  The Svetlanas were setting up and a giant Putin face with Kiss makeup was demanding my attention.  I was blown away and knew I had to get some time with them.... So then this happened:

From Doggies to Porta Potties: Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

We were set to meet Spare Parts in a fairly sketch business district near Long Beach. G-Maps was telling us we had arrived, but all we could see was a warehouse full of bikers. Confusion set in, but after texting the lead singer, Sarah, we found the place. After meeting them, we were brought into their practice space. Not the largest space, but I’ve seen a lot smaller. Humble digs for a humble band.