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I Wasted An Evening With Adam Sandler

About a week ago, I made the POOR decision to get wasted and "Live" Tweet my thoughts while watching an Adam Sandler film.  I will probably never do this again, so... I don't know, enjoy it.

Rock Out and Repent with Your New Friends: Tartar Control

The name Tartar Control conjures up images of dental care and dental care accessories, but that’s no longer the only thing I think of when I hear it.  I think of Mormons, because I met a three-piece band made of two Mormons, Robert and Sean, and their gangster robot named Robot.  It’s not every day I go to Anaheim.  It’s an hour drive even when the roads are clear, but on June 15 th , Paco and I decided a 2 ½ hour drive would be worth it to meet one of the most unique acts in the punk scene.  Calling themselves ‘Hug Rock’, Tartar Control is out to clean up the punk scene in the most religious way.  You might think this Mormon group would be squeaky clean, but you’d be wrong.  With songs like Smoking Crack and My God’s Cock , they’re showing the world that they are not afraid to get a little dirty.