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Learning Personal Limits with Larry And His Flask

Sun May 27 th – 11:31am Most bands at PRB stay at the hotels near the venue, but not Larry.  Larry And His Flask were staying at an Air B&B about an 18-minute drive from the venue.   Paco and I pulled up to the place to find Jamin working on getting a trailer hitched to their tour bus.   We were invited in and offered bottled water.   The desert heat is sneaky, if you ’ re not careful, you can become dehydrated quickly.   We sat down at a dining table and prepared for a hearty helping of Larry. Who ’ s Larry? Jamin Marshall (Drums): Ah! Good question!   Larry is a theory.   There never was a Larry in the band, but technically I guess it would be me.   If there were to be someone named Larry. Ian Cook (Guitar, Sings Songs): I agree.