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Beer run with the South Gate skaters Happy Drunk Cartel

    It was a Tuesday, Paco and I were at a liquor store getting a 12 pack of PBR because we were on our way to interview the Happy Drunk Cartel.   It would have been rude to show up empty handed and they are after all, The Happy DRUNKS ! Name? Berry: HDC stands for Huge Dangling Cocks.   That pretty much describes us. Hector: We had to change it for the kids, so we changed it to Happy Drunk Cartel.   Where did Happy Drunk Cartel come from?   B:   HDC came from a tagging crew, a skating crew.   You know, just a bunch of young punk rockers Kevin: From South Gate High B: We used to tag up the streets, go to shows… Hang out, you know?   How did the band go from Tagging Crew to Music Crew?   B: Tony, tell this part! Tony:   Nah.   B: Tell it for once, I always fucking do it, bro!   T:   I used to mess around with a friend.   B:   In what way???   T:   Making music.   Later on I met Kevin at my job. Kevin: I remember, because