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This is (a) Vile Life

On a January Sunday morning, Raw War Records and Punk Scene LA were in the studio at Haven Recordings with Vile Life, a hardcore band from the San Gabriel Valley (SGV).  We realized we were going to be a little late, so we stopped by a Krispy Kreme and brought donuts (cause no one stays mad the person bringing the goodies).  When we got to the studio, the band was setting up to record some tracks.  We made ourselves at home and after getting some footage, we sat down and I prepped myself for the interview. Once everyone got comfortable, with a beer at hand, we were ready to get to know them. Without further ado, I present to you, the Vile Life interview: Ruben (Vocals): We started playing as this band called Shattered Teeth.  It was me, guitar; Sam, bass; The homie, Bob, vocals; and then we had our friend Chris on drums. We played like that for a while, but Chris couldn’t do it for too long. Jorge came in.  It sounded solid.  Some shit went down with our singer.  We had a show co

Auxiliö, From the Beer Can!

While sitting in the Carl's Jr. parking lot, I was nervous about meeting Auxiliö. Their music is hard hitting and fucking brutal to say the least. I thought I was about to meet some intimidating ladies! Instead, I met a bunch of giggly, happy-go-lucky musicians! We caught Auxiliö in the studio, recording a track for a compilation from Raw War Records, coming out this spring.   What follows is a silly interview that had me laughing more than I've laughed in my short career so far.  Enjoy! How did the band get started? Andrea (Guitar) : That’s you guys. [Motions to Krisma and Christina] Krisma (Vocalist and Guitar Player) : I pretty much hit up Christina [to see if she] wanted to jam out. We weren’t really trying to start a band, it just happened. She came down and we started jamming out, and [it] just kinda happened that way. Christina (Drums) : She was in another band in LA while I was in another band in Oxnard and those bands fell apart, Krisma saw me performi