Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Learning Personal Limits with Larry And His Flask

Sun May 27th – 11:31am

Most bands at PRB stay at the hotels near the venue, but not Larry.  Larry And His Flask were staying at an Air B&B about an 18-minute drive from the venue.  Paco and I pulled up to the place to find Jamin working on getting a trailer hitched to their tour bus.  We were invited in and offered bottled water.  The desert heat is sneaky, if youre not careful, you can become dehydrated quickly.  We sat down at a dining table and prepared for a hearty helping of Larry.

Whos Larry?

Jamin Marshall (Drums): Ah! Good question!  Larry is a theory.  There never was a Larry in the band, but technically I guess it would be me.  If there were to be someone named Larry.

Ian Cook (Guitar, Sings Songs): I agree.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dog Day Evening: The Dog Party Interview

I met with Dog Party outside of some skate shop where they were about to perform.  The shop was small and I was in disbelief they could hold a show here, they later proved they could.  I felt bad for not getting them pizza, so I offered my hand to help set up.  That’s right, friends, I was a roadie for a day.  When I met Dog Party, I thought they looked like two well-dressed scallywags.  With no benches, tables, or chairs, we conducted the interview in the alley next to a dumpster.  I’m sure this is the last place they had imagined to be interviewed!  Dog Party got their name from watching their pug dance wildly around the room while they play music for him.  So innocent; so pure. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Wasted An Evening With Adam Sandler

About a week ago, I made the POOR decision to get wasted and "Live" Tweet my thoughts while watching an Adam Sandler film.  I will probably never do this again, so... I don't know, enjoy it.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rock Out and Repent with Your New Friends: Tartar Control

The name Tartar Control conjures up images of dental care and dental care accessories, but that’s no longer the only thing I think of when I hear it.  I think of Mormons, because I met a three-piece band made of two Mormons, Robert and Sean, and their gangster robot named Robot.  It’s not every day I go to Anaheim.  It’s an hour drive even when the roads are clear, but on June 15th, Paco and I decided a 2 ½ hour drive would be worth it to meet one of the most unique acts in the punk scene.  Calling themselves ‘Hug Rock’, Tartar Control is out to clean up the punk scene in the most religious way.  You might think this Mormon group would be squeaky clean, but you’d be wrong.  With songs like Smoking Crack and My God’s Cock, they’re showing the world that they are not afraid to get a little dirty. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Anarcho-Crust Punk Christian Rock Reggae Ska Band From South of the Border Calls Themselves Drinking Water

I first learned about Drinking Water at Ska Wars 2016. When they performed, I was struck by Henry’s voice and lyricism.  My curiosity was tickled by [the drummer]’s mask, and I loved the music all together.  I wanted to know more about this band from Las Vegas.  Paco and I made our way over to El Monte, where we were scheduled to meet Drinking Water.  After some vegan pizza and small talk, we made our way to the backyard where we would conduct the interview / photoshoot.  With the band, an unofficial mascot, Rosie, was present.  An adorable Pit Bull, she was a class act! Anyway, the interview is starting!  Shhhh….

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Beer and Skanking in Las Vegas: Punk Rock Bowling 2017

Hello friends! The Warlock Team recently attended the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in filthy and filthy-FABULOUS LAS VEGAS! It was quite the adventure and I want to share my experience with you! Not being one to beat around the bush, I’ll just get right into it!